RB73: Latest Logstore Innovations

RB73's Exciting Lineup of Outdoor Logstores for 2024

As the leaves start to change and temperatures drop, it’s that time of year again when we all start thinking about cosy evenings by the fireplace or wood-burning stove. And what’s better than having a well-organised and stylish place to store your firewood? RB73, a leading brand in outdoor logstores, is here to make sure you’re fully prepared for the colder months ahead. In October 2023, RB73 is set to launch three new outdoor logstore models: Quarubox, Ker, and Sheddak, along with some exciting updates to their existing Bruges logstore. Let’s dive in and explore these fantastic additions to the RB73 logstore family.

Quarubox: A Mobile Companion

The Quarubox logstore is a stunning addition to RB73’s outdoor logstore line-up, beautifully mirroring the aesthetics of the beloved Quaruba outdoor stove. With its box-section legs and open sides, the Quarubox exudes contemporary elegance, making it a stylish outdoor storage solution for firewood. What sets it apart is its mobile base, providing unmatched versatility. This feature allows the Quarubox to be effortlessly moved around on a patio, ensuring that your firewood is always within arm’s reach. Standing at an impressive 108cm tall and measuring 54cm in both width and depth, the Quarubox strikes a harmonious balance between form and function, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate both aesthetics and practicality in their outdoor décor.

RB73 Quarubox logstore
RB73 Quarubox Mobile Outdoor Logstore
RB73 Ker logstore
RB73 Ker Portable Logstore

Ker: Agricultural & Rugged

The Ker logstore is a splendid companion to the RB73 Bijuga outdoor stove, harmoniously echoing its design features. With a design inspired by the Bijuga, the Ker logstore boasts wheels, a handle, and exposed seams, making it a highly functional and stylish choice for firewood storage. What sets the Ker apart is its compatibility with an optional Ironko wooden top, adding an extra layer of versatility to this logstore. Measuring at 98cm in height, 58cm in width, and 60cm in depth, the Ker offers ample storage space while remaining compact enough to fit seamlessly into smaller outdoor spaces. Its thoughtful design and optional wooden top make it an excellent choice for those who value both aesthetics and functionality in their outdoor décor.

Sheddak: Industrial Garden Design

The Sheddak logstore is a grand and spacious addition to RB73’s outdoor logstore lineup, offering a unique and industrial-inspired design. Comprised of two or three generously sized sections, each measuring 94cm wide, 184cm high, and 74cm deep, the Sheddak provides an abundance of firewood storage space. Its top section has been thoughtfully designed to resemble an old factory roof, adding a distinctive touch to your outdoor space. What truly sets the Sheddak apart is its flexibility; as standard you get two open sections. You can then add as many additional sections as you like to create your perfect sized logstore.

Additionally you also have the option to enclose one of the sections with a back wall and a set of doors, making it the perfect solution for concealing unsightly wheelie bins or other outdoor items while maintaining a cohesive and stylish outdoor aesthetic. The Sheddak logstore is the ideal choice for those who require extensive storage capacity and a touch of industrial charm, thanks to its aesthetic and corten steel construction.

RB73 Sheddak Logstore
Sheddak 3-Module Corten Steel Outdoor Logstore - with Doors

Smaller Bruges Logstore Now Available

The Bruges logstore has undergone an exciting transformation, now offering customers greater flexibility and customisation options. RB73’s latest update allows you to choose between two modular configurations: the smaller 2-module logstore or the larger 3-module logstore, which was the standard size in the past. What’s even more impressive is the ability to further expand the Bruges logstore by adding additional modules, tailoring it to your specific firewood storage needs.

RB73 Bruges Logstore Small
Smaller 2-Module Bruges Outdoor Logstore

The smaller 2-module configuration is capable of accommodating 2.5 cubic meters of logs, making it a practical choice for those with moderate storage requirements. On the other hand, the larger 3-module version is a behemoth, boasting an enormous capacity of 4 cubic meters—perfect for those who rely heavily on firewood for heating. This newfound flexibility ensures that the Bruges logstore can adapt to your changing needs over time, offering a customizable and scalable solution for all firewood enthusiasts.

rb73 blox logstore nav
RB73 Logstores: Bloxx (left) and Blox (right)

Blox & Bloxx: Tried and Tested Favourites

In addition to these new additions, RB73 continues to offer their popular Blox and Bloxx logstores. The compact Blox logstore with its criss-cross design works well as an outdoor logstore or as a bench with the addition of an optional Ironko wooden bench seat. Likewise the larger Bloxx, can be positioned vertically making for a taller logstore that can be completed with a wooden top surface, or laid horizontally converting it into a bench seat utilising two of the wooden tops for a comfortable place to sit around the fire, while allowing for quick and easy access to your firewood.

Latest Logstore Innovations

In conclusion, RB73 is gearing up for an exciting 2024 season with the addition of these three new logstore models – Quarubox, Ker, and Sheddak, each offering unique features to meet different customer needs. With the enhancements to the Bruges logstore and the continued availability of the Blox and Bloxx, RB73 ensures that there’s a logstore solution for everyone.

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