Looking for a focal point for your room? Look no further than one of our wood burning central fireplaces, WOW factor guaranteed.

Central Fires

Rocal Born Wood Stove


The Rocal Born central wood burning stove is a unique and efficient heating solution with a stylish triangular design suited for the centre of a room. - 12.4kW Output - 81% Efficiency

Central Fires

Rocal Gala Wood Stove


The Rocal Gala wood burning stove is a stylish and efficient heating solution with 360-degree views of the fire, with an advanced combustion system at its core.   - 17.6kW Output - 81.1% Efficiency


The immersive four glass doors on the Rocal Giselle 90 wood burning stove are the defining characteristic of this elegant and efficient wood stove.   - 17.6kW Output - 84% Efficiency


The Rocal Habit 100 DC is unlike any other double sided wood stove thanks to its incredible versatility, ensuring reliable warmth and style for your home. - 13.4kW Output - 75.9% Efficiency


Upgrade your home with the stylish and efficient Rocal Ronde Central woodburner and glaze upon the flames through the 360° panoramic glass windows. - 13kW Output - 87.2% Efficiency