RB73 Quaruba

Combining the tech of an indoor woodburner with the beauty of an outdoor fire. The RB73 Quaruba is the fire your garden has been waiting for…

RB73 Quaruba

Outdoor Fire



Build Your Fire

Available in three sizes, Large, XL or XXL, each model has a choice of six glass configurations, two base options and two colours. Allowing you to customise a Quaruba outdoor fire the way you want it.

Center of Attention

Great for social gatherings, the four sided version of the Quaruba outdoor fire is the most popular model in the range. Gather round the fire from all sides with family and friends and enjoy the crystal clear view of the flames inside.

RB73 Quaruba Large hero

Fire Protection

The three sided glass option is a great choice for when you want to place the Quaruba against a wall.

RB73 have introduced a heat shield kit for the Quaruba which allows them to be placed closer to flammable walls such as fences or wooden cladding.

Combine this with an optional floor plate to help protect your patio or deck from the heat too.

For Life On The Move

Take your fire on the move with the mobile base option. The Quaruba mobile base slides underneath your fire and lets you wheel your fire into position. Perfect for when you party moves from the terrace to the patio, now your fire can come with you… easily!


RB73 Quaruba XXL Small PNG


RB73 Quaruba XXL Mobile Small PNG
Smoke Pipe Included
All Quaruba fires come with a 2x 1m lengths of flue pipe. The first length has a control value built into it to help you control the burn of the fire.
Fitted With Airwash
All Quaruba fires have a slot at the top of the glass that channels air down keeping the glass clean throughout the burn for a great view.
Keeping Covered
The Quaruba pipe is compatible with many insulated flue systems, allowing you to safely pass through a terrace roof, or covered area.
Opening Door
Unlike open fires, Quaruba fires include an opening door for loading wood. Once loaded use the discreet handle to close and enjoy.
Bird Guard Mesh
Rain caps are included with all Quaruba fires and an optional stainless steel bird guard mesh is available to help prevent birds from entering.
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Satin Black

If your not a fan of the corten steel finish then why not opt for the smooth satin black finish. Made from the same 3mm corten steel, but before the patina process starts it is coated and painted, prevent the oxidation process starting.

RB73 recommend keeping satin black models undercover at all times to maintain the finish.

RB73 Quaruba Outdoor Fire

Get up close and personal with the Quaruba fire. Browse through our lifestyle photos for some inspiration so you can find the perfect Quaruba outdoor fire for your home.

Built By Reny

All RB73 fires are built by RENY a team of passionate wood-burning professionals based in The Netherlands. All models are designed, developed and produced entirely in-house so that the highest quality and service can be delivered.

What Is Corten Steel?

Corten steel is a weatherproof, strong and corrosion resistant material known for having a brown-orange appearance. It is this rusty coating that protects the steel from oxidising by forming a protective shield on the surface.

All RB73 Fires arrival in the materials natural or raw finish. They will develop their own unique patina over 2-6 months. This can be accelerated using salt water or acidic liquids like vinegar. Alternatively you have the option to pay a small surcharge for a pre-weathered model.

The first image is in its natural/raw finish. The second image shows the same fire after weathering and use.

Quaruba weathering process