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RB73 Piquia

Outdoor Stove

Glass Door

Fitted with Airwash for clean view

Smoke Pipe

121cm smoke pipe included

High Efficiency

More efficient than open fires


Made from 3mm thick corten-steel



What makes the Piquia different from open fires is the glass door. By containing the fire inside the stove you regulate how much air is allowed in, which means your wood burns for longer.

The glass door has an airwash system fitted whereby air is passed down the glass window, this helps to keep it clean throughout the burn.

A 121cm smoke pipe is also included and you have a choice of a three legged or four legged version. Plus plenty of accessories and extras.

RB73 Piquia Outdoor Stove

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Four Legs

£ 875
  • 80cm High
  • 45KG Weight
  • 121cm Flue Pipe Included
  • Glass Door Included
  • 4 Corten Steel Legs


A Breathe Of Fresh Air

One the defining features of the RB73 is the flue pipe that is included with the outdoor fire. This 100mm diameter, 121cm long pipe draws all the wood smoke up and away from you as you sit around enjoying the flames and warmth. No more nights going to bed smelling of wood smoke.

A chimney cap is included to prevent rain from entering and can be fitted with a anti-spark / anti-bird mesh at the top (pictured).


Industrial Look

Built from weatherproof corten steel alongside stainless lock bolts above and below the door and a galvanised steel handle, the Piquia adopts a distinctly industrial look.


Floor Protection

Protect your patio, decking or garden with a Piquia corten steel floor plate. Designed specifically for the Piquia, this floor plate is made from the same 3mm thcik corten steel material as the Piquia outdoor stove, as such it will weather along side it naturally too.

Width: 79.5cm   |   Depth 59.5cm

Door Latch

The Piquia has a closing door complete with detailed side latch handle. This helps to control the burn rate of the wood giving you a better efficiency than open fires, and lets your wood burn for longer.

Built by Reny

All RB73 fires are built by RENY a team of passionate wood-burning professionals based in The Netherlands. All models are designed, developed and produced entirely in-house so that the highest quality and service can be delivered.

Corten Steel

Corten steel delivers a weatherproof steel that is both strong and corrosion resistant. The brown-orange rust colour is synonymous with corten steel and this outer rust coating acts as a weatherproof shield protecting the inner material.

All RB73 Fires arrival in the materials natural or raw finish. They will develop their own unique patina over 2-6 months. This can be accelerated using salt water or acidic liquids like vinegar. Alternatively you have the option to pay a small surcharge for a pre-weathered model.


In order to keep the glass clean the Piquia comes fitted with a pre-set air supply into the fire that washes down over the glass helping to keep it clean throughout use. This is similar technology that is used by indoor wood burning stoves.

Three or Four Legs

The Piquia outdoor stove is available with a choice of four corten steel or three stainless steel legs depending upon your preference. The fire, flue and dimensions are exactly the same allowing you to decide which you prefer visually.

RB73 Piquia weathering

Image shows Piquia in its raw, delivered finish on the left, and post weathered finish on the right.