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Rocal Gala

Central Wood Fireplace

17.4kW Heat

With a heat output range of 12.5 - 20.5kW

200mm Flue

200mm flue diameter outlet

83.7% Efficient

Clean burning and highly efficient.

Wood Stove

The Gala is a true woodburner.

All New Gala

Make a statement with the Rocal Gala wood burning central stove/fireplace. This circular woodburner is the perfect fire for the centre of a room, restaurant or other public space. The Rocal Gala offers 360° views of the fire thanks to its four large glass doors and has a “best-in-class” 83.7% efficiency rating and has been updated to comply with recent ECO-Design regulations. Watch our video to find out more:

Rocal Gala Wood Stove

Rocal Gala Central Wood Stove


£ 10,300
  • ECO-Design Compliant
  • 133cm High
  • 280KG Weight
  • Conical Hood
  • 4x Opening Glass Doors
  • Bespoke Flue Options

Fire Power

With its impressive 17.4kW heat output the Gala certainly delivers heat into your room. Be that a large opening plan living space, or as a feature in a restaurant, bar or other public space the Gala has plenty of fire power.

360° Flames

Seeing is believing when it comes to the 360° panoramic views on display when the Gala is burning. Plus thanks to a clever air delivery system that pushes pre-heated air down the glass, you will always be able to see into the heart of the fire.

How Tall Do You Need?

Every home is different, and Rocal know that their fires are as unique as the homes they go into. Which is why all Rocal cover pipes can be bespoke made to suit your room height and ceiling angle. We can even create custom ceiling crests that allow you to safely transition into twinwall flue while maintaining all UK building regs.

Flue Pipe & Flue Covers

The Rocal Gala has a 200mm diameter top flue exit. Rocal include a 148cm length of flue cover, but not the flue pipe that goes inside (sold separately). Alterations can be made to the cover pipe length and width to accommodate UK twinwall if required.

External Air Connection

An external air connection is included as standard on the Gala and is located in the base of the stove. This 120mm outlet allows you to directly to an external air supply. Alternatively the Gala can be operated using room air only (additional room ventilation required).

Built to Last

All Rocal stoves and fires carry a 5 year warranty for peace of mind. Many Rocal fires have been known to operate three times that while needing minimal parts or maintenance.

A+ Energy Rating

With an impressive 83.7% efficiency and 17.4kW firebox, the Gala achieves a very high A+ Energy Rating when tested to the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI).

Rocal Gala