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Wanders Pecan Eco

Wood Stove

Wanders Pecan Eco Small Wood Stove

8kW Heat

With a heat output range of 5-8kW

150mm Flue

150mm flue diameter outlet

82% Efficient

Clean burning and highly efficient.

A+ Rating

The Pecan Eco has a A+ Energy Rating

Wanders Pecan Eco Wood Stove

All Wanders Pecan Eco wood stoves are clad in luxurious soapstone and available in three sizes.

Wanders Pecan Eco Small Wood Stove


£ 4,540
  • 106cm High
  • 290KG Weight
  • Top Flue Outlet Only
  • Handle Options
Wanders Pecan Eco Medium Wood Stove


£ 4,785
  • 121cm High
  • 310KG Weight
  • Top Flue Outlet Only
  • Handle Options
Wanders Pecan Eco Large Wood Stove


£ 5,095
  • 149cm High
  • 350KG Weight
  • Top or Rear Flue Outlets
  • Handle Options


Natural Soapstone

Clad in luxurious natural soapstone, the Wanders Pecan Eco wood stove absorbs the heat produced by the stove and slowly releases it back into the room even after the fire has gone out.

Wanders Pecan Fire


Highly Insulated Interiors

One of the reasons why the Pecan Eco is so clean and efficient burning is thanks to the Wanders Hi² (highly insulated interior) firebrick lining.

Made from a special reinforced concrete formula, the Pecan Eco firebricks out preform vermiculite and last considerably longer.


Get a Grip

A square cast-iron handle comes fitted as standard to the Pecan Eco, but it can be upgraded to a smooth aluminium round handle or a wooden/metal removable pole. Just add the new handle to your order and we will fit it in the factory before shipping it.

Wanders Heat Wonder

Encasing the firebox in soapstone helps retain the heat produced by the fire inside and slowly release it into the room. Each Pecan Eco model has a different KG of soapstone and therefore the large retains more heat than the small.

External Air Connection

Fitted with a rear or base external air connection as standard, the Pecan Eco pulls all of its combustion air in directly from outside. As such this wood stove requires no additional room ventilation or air bricks.

Quality Built-In

Its easy to over look all of the build quality with the Pecan thanks to the luxurious soapstone cladding. It features a solid cast-iron door and Hi² ceramic concrete firebox lining both of which give the stove longevity in use.

Push/Pull Cast Door

The cast-iron door of the Pecan Eco is a push/pull door, meaning there are no turning or twisting of handles. Simply pull the handle to open and push it again to close. Upgrade the cast-handle to a removable wooden or metal pole.

Pecan Eco & Olaf Eco​

The Pecan Eco is the latest heat storage soapstone clad power heater from Wanders. Starting with the Olaf and then the Olaf Eco, the Pecan Eco is the natural successor and continues to light the way for Wanders heat storage stoves.

Small, Medium or Large?

All three Pecan Eco models have the same 8kW firebox, the difference between them is the height. The Small has a low base and low top. The Medium, a high base and low top, while the Large has a high base and high top.