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Skantherm Milano

Heat Storage Stove

milano Speckstein Milieu 1

6kW Heat

With a heat output range of 5-8kW

150mm Flue

150mm flue diameter outlet

80% Efficient

Clean burning and highly efficient.

Wood Stove

The Milano is a true woodburner.

Milano Stone

The heavyweight among the Skantherm classics. Available in two sizes (medium or large) and with a total weight of up to 610 kg. Both Milano Stone models have the same 6kW firebox and offer optimal heat storage properties in a modern and timeless looking stove.


Skantherm Milano Wood Stove

The Medium Milano is 153cm tall and has five sections, while the Large Milano stands an impressive 175cm tall and has six sections

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£ 7040
  • 153.5cm High
  • 474KG Weight
  • External Air (Rear/Base)
  • Optional 55KG Thermostone
  • Optional Rotation Kit
skantherm milano large wood stove png


£ 7440
  • 175.5cm High
  • 553KG Weight
  • External Air (Rear/Base)
  • Optional 55KG Thermostone
  • Optional Rotation Kit

Modern & Timeless

Quarried in Finland and crafted by hand, the large-sized soapstone sections create a particularly high-quality appearance and testify to the strength and presence this wood burning stove commands.


The raised combustion chamber ensures that the stove is at a comfortable level making reloading and operating the Milano Stone easy while providing an optimal view of the dancing flames inside.

Furthermore the Milano has a cool-to-touch handle making operating the stove simple and easy – no gloves required.


Always in View

The Milano Stone has a curved glass door allowing for a great wide angle view of the flames inside. It is possible to increase this angle of view further by equipping the optional rotation kit. When fitted the Milano has the ability to turn 60° in either direction.


Heat Storage

The outer soapstone material absorbs heat produced by the fire and slowly releases it back into the room for many more hours, long after the flames have been extinguished.

The thermal mass of the Milano Stone can be further increased with an extra 55KG of Thermostone bricks that are fitted inside the stove and boost the Milano’s thermal Mass while increasing the total weight to over 600KG on the Milano Large!

Top or Rear Flue

The Milano Stone gives you total flexibility when it comes to connecting to a chimney. If you have an existing chimney you can place the stove in-front and use the rear exit. Alternatively use the top exit and connect to a twinwall flue.

External Air Connection

Fitted with a 100mm diameter rear or base external air connection as standard, the Milano Stone pulls all of its combustion air in directly from outside. As such this wood stove requires no additional room ventilation or air bricks.

Black Glass Door

To compliment the modern soapstone finish you will see the Milano has a large curved black glass door. This cool and sleek look adds to the overall sophistication of the stove.

A+ Energy Rating

With an impressive 80% efficiency and 6kW firebox, both models of the Milano Stone achieve a very high A+ Rating when tested to the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI).