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Wanders Platane

Wood Stove

Platane Concrete setting 3

7kW Heat

With a heat output range of 3-7kW

150mm Flue

150mm flue diameter outlet

80% Efficient

Clean burning and highly efficient.

Wood Stove

The Platane is a true woodburner.


The Platane is a beautifully designed fire and available in three versions. It isn’t a style that is easily labelled, but it has style nonetheless and is certainly multifaceted, as it would look just as good in a corner as it would on a long wall.

Wanders Platane Wood Stove

The Platane is available in three models, the first two are freestanding stoves finished in either a black steel, or grey concrete tile. The third is wall mounted and finished in smooth grey concrete tiles.

wanders platane steel wood stove


£ 3,150
  • 106cm High
  • 140KG Weight
  • Black Steel Finish
  • Steel Foot Included
wanders platane concrete wood stove


£ 4,495
  • 175.5cm High
  • 245KG Weight
  • Grey Concrete Tiles
  • Additional Rings Available
wanders platane wall concrete wood stove


£ 4,225
  • 76.4cm High
  • 110KG Weight
  • Grey Concrete Tiles
  • Wall Fixing Included
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Thanks to its shape, the freestanding version of the Wanders Platane can be almost anywhere. With its finished sides it is equally at home against a flat wall or tucked into a corner of a room. There are two choices on the freestanding model, black steel or grey concrete.

Thanks to its modular construction, the concrete version as standard comes with 11 sections and it is possible to purchase additional sections to increase the height.


Wall Mounted

The third option available on the Platane is a shorter wall mounted version of the Platane. Unlike the freestanding version the Platane has a flat back, allowing it to be directly fitted against a flat wall. It is finished in smooth grey concrete tiles, and features the same firebox, door and air controls. 

Panorama Glass

The curved pane of glass allows a great view of the flames from all angles, ensuring the fire is the centre of attention wherever it is. The curve is so great that the Platane has one of the largest curved pieces of glass of any wood burning stove available.

Rough & Smooth

An eye-catcher in your living room! Thanks to its grey concrete surround, the Platane Concrete will look stunning in any modern interior. This silky smooth concrete is contrasted by the rough and industrial cast-iron features such as the door frame, and air control levers and dials.

Perfect for Corners

The Platane is the perfect stove for a corner installation thanks to its unusual shape. Its rhombus shape with curved glass door covering the front point, lends itself to being placed into a corner with minimal wasted space. The wall mounted version of the Platane has a flat back and can also be fitted into a corner with minimal work required to the wall.

Top Flue Exit

The top plate of the Platane has a 150mm top flue outlet allowing you to connect into a chimney or directly into a twinwall flue system. The top plate is also vented to allow convection air to circulate.

External Air Connection

The two freestanding Platane models have a external air inlet located under the base of the stove, while the wall mounted model can pull its combustion air out the back through a 100mm diameter spigot.

Highly Insulated Interior

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Featuring Wanders Hi² (highly insulated interior) firebrick lining. Made from a special reinforced concrete formula, the Platane firebricks out preform vermiculite and lasts longer, all while staying clean whilst burning.

A Energy Rating

With an impressive 80% efficiency and 7kW firebox, all models of the Platane achieve a high A Rating when tested to the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI).

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Platane Concrete

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