The Rocal Habit 93TC+T is available as a hearth mounted stove as standard and can be installed with an optional logstore, or choice of stove bench. The stove also includes a 1980mm length of flue pipe as standard. The pipe is made from the same material as the stove, is finished in the same paint and designed to fit the Habit stove perfectly without the need for an adaptor. There is also the choice of natural convection, or fan-assisted circulation (requires an electricity supply) which will help push the heat out further into the room.


Bring the warmth and convenience of the Rocal Hebar wood burning stove into your home today and cook, bake, and grill to your heart's content. - 12.2kW Output - 82% Efficiency


The Rocal Mini Drop Wood Burning Stove is a powerful and efficient heating solution that isn't just eco-friendly but stylish with Its unique teardrop shape. - 8.1kW Output - 85.1% Efficiency


The Rocal Oval wood burning stove is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a stylish, modern statement stove that burns as good as it looks. - 8.4kW Output - 91.1% Efficiency

Outdoor Fires

Rocal Palma 75 BBQ


The Rocal Palma 75 BBQ is a reliable and stylish choice for any outdoor cooking enthusiast.  It's sure to become the centrepiece of your garden.


Upgrade your home with the stylish and efficient Rocal Ronde Central woodburner and glaze upon the flames through the 360° panoramic glass windows. - 13kW Output - 87.2% Efficiency


The Rocal Ronde Frontal Wood Stove with its true panoramic glass is a top-of-the-line heating solution that is sure to bring warmth and comfort to any home. - 9.7kW Output - 89% Efficiency

Suspended Fires

Rocal Vertex Wood Stove


The Rocal Vertex wood burning stove has two angular doors for a unique, modern design that, along with a high performance burn system makes it an excellent choice. - 10.5kW Output - 89% Efficiency

Cylindrical Stoves

Skantherm Ator Plus Wood Stove


Cylindrical Stoves

Skantherm Ator Wood Stove


Cylindrical Stoves

Skantherm Beo Wood Stove