Landscape Fireplaces

Rocal ARC 100 Wood Cassette Stove



The Rocal ARC 100DC is a double sided wood burning cassette stove ideal for internal chimneys between two rooms. Double sided cassettes stoves act like a window from one space into another and can provide warmth to multiple rooms from a single fire. Available with a choice of frame.


Landscape Fireplaces

Rocal ARC 70 Wood Cassette Stove


Landscape Fireplaces

Rocal ARC 70a Wood Cassette Stove



Central Fires

Rocal Born Wood Stove


The Rocal Born central wood burning stove is a unique and efficient heating solution with a stylish triangular design suited for the centre of a room. - 12.4kW Output - 81% Efficiency


With its combination of efficiency, style, and versatility, the Rocal City wood stove is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their home. - 14.1kW Output - 85.1 Efficiency


The Rocal D10 Wood Burning Stove is a reliable and efficient heating solution for any home. Its modern design and advanced features make it a standout choice. - 11.3kW Output - 78.3% Efficiency

Suspended Fires

Rocal D7 Wood Stove


The sleek and circular Rocal D7 can be mounted on the wall, suspended from the ceiling, or placed on a pedestal foot for a freestanding installation.   - 6.6kW Output - 88% Efficiency

Suspended Fires

Rocal D8 Wood Stove


The Rocal D8 Wood Burning Stove is a stylish and efficient heating solution that can be installed in a variety of ways for a unique heating solution for your home.   - 11.3kW Output - 87% Efficiency


The Rocal Drop wood burning stove is a stylish and efficient way to heat your home. With a sleek design and powerful heat output, this stove is perfect for any room.   - 9.4kW Output - 82% Efficiency