Modern Stoves

LL-15 AB Wood Stove


Modern Stoves

LL-15 DE Wood Stove


Modern Stoves

LL-25 AB Wood Stove




Bruges Wood storage The RB73 Bruges outdoor logstore is a stylish, durable and functional piece of outdoor furniture that deserves a prominent and visible place in your garden. The shape is inspired by the typical Belgian facade construction such as in Bruges. Made from naturally rusted Cor-Ten steel. Simple design was central to the design. The wood [...]


Suspended Fireplaces

Rocal Angle Wood Stove


The Rocal Angle can be placed directly into a corner, thanks to its shape and design, maximum fire in minimal space.



The Rocal ARC 100DC is a double sided wood burning cassette stove ideal for internal chimneys between two rooms. Double sided cassettes stoves act like a window from one space into another and can provide warmth to multiple rooms from a single fire. Available with a choice of frame.