Designed be fitted to the wall to maximise the space, or fitted with an optional pedestal foot so they can be positioned anywhere.

Suspended Fires

Rocal Angle Wood Stove


The Rocal Angle can be placed directly into a corner, thanks to its shape and design, maximum fire in minimal space.



Unlike beautiful products from other manufactures, the Rocal D10 is built on a robust pedigree of performance wood burning stoves.

Suspended Fires

Rocal D7 Wood Stove


Suspended Fires

Rocal D8 Wood Stove


Drawing inspiration from the circular D7 model in the range, the Rocal D8 extends the firebox to create a landscape fire that can burn a 45cm log with ease. Contact Us  


Is this the prettiest fire you have ever seen? We think so, and so do thousands of customers worldwide as the Rocal Drop is the number 1 worldwide bestselling model.


Mini Drop Technical details: A+ Energy Rating 8.1kW Nominal Output 3.8-9.5kW Output Range 85.1% Efficiency 25cm Log Length Mini Drop Dimensions: 270cm High inc Flue (bespoke heights available) 99cm High (Body Only) 555cm Wide 39.7cm Deep 15cm Flue Diameter



Suspended Fires

Rocal Vertex Wood Stove