Gala: Pioneering Perfection

Rocal Gala - The First Eco-Design Large Stove with 360° Glass

Welcome to the unveiling of the latest version of the Rocal Gala woodburning central stove. This impeccably designed and highly efficient wood stove has undergone significant updates to meet the 2022 ECO-Design regulations in the UK and Europe. In this post, we will explore the ground-breaking features that make the Rocal Gala the first and only large stove with 360-degree glass, all while meeting the rigorous eco-design regulations. Let’s discover how this exceptional stove is revolutionizing the way we approach home heating.

Unveiling the Rocal Gala:

The Rocal Gala represents a remarkable shift in wood stove design. Its standout feature is the awe-inspiring 360-degree glass, providing an unobstructed view of the mesmerizing flames from any angle. This remarkable innovation allows you to immerse yourself in the captivating beauty and warmth of the fire, creating an ambiance that exudes both comfort and cosiness in your living space. With the Rocal Gala, the hearth becomes a focal point, elevating the aesthetic appeal of any room.
Visually, the Rocal Gala retains its classic charm with four large glass windows, offering a panoramic 360° view of the flames. The dimensions and proportions remain the same, preserving the iconic conical fireplace hood and perimeter hearth details. However, the updated Gala now boasts improved performance, burning cleaner with reduced emissions, and delivering impressive heat output.
rocal gala room set doors open
Rocal Gala with its doors open

A Closer Look:

The Rocal Gala boasts two sets of exquisitely finished satin black rings. The first set serves as a practical catch for any ash that may fall when opening the doors, while the second set, known as the base rings, adds to the fireplace’s aesthetic balance.

One of the standout features of the Gala is its openable glass panels, which also serve as doors. Each side of the stove features a primary door on the right and a service door on the left, both equipped with concealed handles. This innovative design enables you to add wood easily by opening just one door while keeping the others securely shut. The flexibility of this feature allows for creating a dramatic effect by opening both doors on one side or simply opening a single door for easy cleaning access.

Gala/Prune Black Glass
Rocal Gala Firebox/Door Rings
Gala/Prune Black Glass
Rocal Gala Hearth/Floor Rings

Rocal Gala Specifications

Setting New Standards:

Beyond its striking visual appeal, the Rocal Gala sets new benchmarks in eco-design. It proudly meets and surpasses stringent regulations, making it the conscientious choice for those who prioritize sustainability. By leveraging advanced combustion technology, the Rocal Gala achieves high heating efficiency while significantly reducing emissions. This means you can relish the warmth and comfort it provides without compromising the environment.

Internally, the stove has been enhanced with a redesigned baffle system at the top, accompanied by a subtle modification in how the primary air is introduced into the firebox. It still features a large central grate capable of accommodating a 40cm log, along with a concealed ashpan beneath it, accessible through a discreet door located at the bottom of the stove.

rocal gala factory
Gala Stoves being built at the Rocal Factory outside of Barcelona

Pioneering Perfection:

The Rocal Gala seamlessly combines efficiency with elegance. Its sleek and modern design, enhanced by the 360-degree glass, adds a touch of sophistication to any home decor. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this stove not only enhances the visual appeal of your space but also ensures maximum heat output. The innovative airflow system guarantees optimal combustion, resulting in superior performance and heating efficiency.

Speaking of air control, the Gala features independently controlled primary and secondary air levers located on its front side. These levers are the only visual indication of the front or back of the stove. As with all Rocal stoves, the primary air control lever has a small flame cut-out, making it easier to remember its function. The secondary lever controls the airwash, where air enters from the base of the stove, is pre-heated through two internal columns on either side, and then channelled down the glass to keep it clean while the fire is burning.

On the opposite side of the ashpan access door, positioned in the base pedestal, you will find the air supply inlet. This inlet allows for the supply of external air from outside, under the floor and up into the fire, ensuring that all combustion air is drawn directly from outside the room. If connecting the inlet to the outside is not feasible, it can be left open, pulling the necessary air from the room. In such cases, it is important to ensure an air supply to the fire through an airbrick or other means.

rocal gala close up flames
Close-up of the fire inside the Gala

Efficiency Meets Elegance:

Above the firebox, the Rocal Gala showcases a stunning conical hood consisting of two parts that seamlessly come together on the sides. This deliberate seam serves a purpose: it allows convection air to vent back into the room, ensuring efficient circulation. The seam continues upward with the decorative flue pipe cover, enabling convection air inside the stove’s casing to vent into the room, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

As a standard feature, the Gala comes with a 1480mm length of decorative flue casing. This casing can be easily adjusted to fit your room’s height by cutting it down or extending it as needed. Additionally, for spaces with insulated twinwall pipes or pitched/sloping ceilings, Rocal offers the option to create bespoke ceiling crests. These customized additions ensure that the Gala wood-burning stove perfectly aligns with your specific requirements, creating a seamless integration that complements your unique space’s needs and aesthetics.

rocal gala wood stove min e1686224474817
Pioneering Perfection - Rocal Gala Central Fireplace


In a world where eco-friendly practices are gaining momentum, the Rocal Gala stands out as a true pioneer in wood stove technology. Its unique 360-degree glass and adherence to eco-design regulations redefine what a large stove can offer. With the Rocal Gala, you can enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of an unobstructed fire view while knowing that you’re making a sustainable choice.

Make a statement with the Rocal Gala, embracing both style and eco-consciousness in your home. Experience the innovation, efficiency, and elegance that have made it a leader in its class. Choose the first and only large stove with 360-degree glass that meets eco-design regulations – choose the Rocal Gala.

If you are interested in the Rocal Gala wood-burning stove, it is available for order from authorized Rocal stockists. They can provide expert advice on room and chimney requirements, as well as assist with any bespoke elements necessary to ensure a perfect fit for your space.

For pricing, technical specifications including dimensions and how-to buy, visit our product page for the Rocal Gala Wood Stove.

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