D8: Beyond the Curve

If you’re in the market for a wood stove that goes beyond the ordinary, look no further than the Rocal D8. Drawing inspiration from the circular D7 model in the range, the Rocal D8 takes design and functionality to new heights. With its innovative features and sleek aesthetics, this landscape fire is a true game-changer in the world of wood stoves.
Let’s start with the door. The D8’s door is a true masterpiece of engineering. Hinged at the base of the stove, it opens downward, providing easy access to the full length of the firebox. This unique design eliminates the need for a heavy hinged door that requires a large hearth to comply with UK building regulations. Instead, the slim vertical profile of the D8 features a pull-down door that takes up minimal space and uses heavy-duty springs to counterweight the door, preventing it from falling open or slamming shut. 
rocal d8 wood stove alt min
Rocal D8 with its door open
One of the standout features of the D8 is its glass door. Unlike most rectangular landscape stoves, which have boxy shapes, the D8 features semi-circular ends that meet the rounded side sections of the stove. Inside the firebox has tapering sides While circular shapes can present challenges in fire design, Rocal has overcome this by extending the base firebricks up the sides of the stove, creating an even larger burning surface. This unique design not only enhances the visual appeal of the D8 but also optimizes its performance.
Rocal D8 Wood Stove

Rocal D8 Specifications

But the D8 is not just about its door. It’s packed with features that ensure a clean and efficient burn every time. Like most Rocal stoves, the D8 incorporates primary air regulation for burning, secondary air for airwash (to help keep the glass clean), and tertiary air for the cleanburn system. The tertiary air allows a trickle of safety air into the stove at all times, which helps prevent the build-up of firebox gases when the stove is shut down. All air supplies are brought in via an single air inlet, which can use air from the room or be ducted directly outside for external air supply. The controls are discreetly hidden at the back of the stove, preserving the overall aesthetics of the design.

Installation options for the D8 are versatile, as with most Rocal stoves. The D8 comes as standard with a wall-mounted design, complete with an incorporated “floating” wall bracket that offers adjustment for non-flat walls and obstructions at the ceiling. However, if you prefer a freestanding wood stove, you can opt for the optional pedestal foot, which provides many more installation opportunities. The circular pedestal base is designed to sit exactly underneath the length of the flue pipe, creating a seamless, continuous line from the stove to the floor. Moreover, with the pedestal foot, you can fully utilize the base external air supply, bringing fresh air into the stove from the floor.
rocal d8 floating wood stove
Rocal D8 Floating
rocal d8 wood stove
Rocal D8 Pedestal
rocal d7 floating wood stove
Rocal D7 Floating
As a bonus, the Rocal D8 comes with a 1.7m length of flue pipe as standard, which attaches directly to the top of the stove, creating a seamless straight line up from the stove. Depending on your room type, size, and style, you can adjust the length of the flue pipe or even switch to twin-wall flue pipes when installing close to combustible materials.

In conclusion, the Rocal D8 goes beyond the curve in terms of design and functionality. With its innovative features, unique aesthetics, and versatility in installation options, it’s a wood stove that truly stands out in the market. Experience the beauty and performance of the Rocal D8 and elevate your home heating to new heights.
For pricing, technical specifications including dimensions and how-to buy visit our product page for the Rocal D8 Wood Stove.

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