Angle: Embracing the Corner

Distinctive Shape and Enhanced Remote Control Functionality

Rocal, renowned for their innovative fire designs, has yet again captured attention with their latest creation, the Rocal Angle wood stove. While they are already known for their stunning wall-mounted, central, and suspended fires, the Angle introduces a new twist to the concept. Unlike traditional wall-mounted fires that require a flat wall, the Rocal Angle can snugly fit into a corner. Its unique shape and design allow for a seamless integration, minimising protrusion into the room and maximising flame views through its expansive glass window.

Embracing the Corner

Corner installations allow for better heat distribution throughout the room. Placing the woodburner in a corner creates a natural convection effect, as the heat radiates from two sides rather than just one. This ensures that warmth is evenly distributed, providing a cosy and comfortable atmosphere throughout the entire space.

Additionally, installing a woodburner in the corner provides improved views of the fire. With the Rocal Angle wood stove’s large glass window, the captivating flames can be enjoyed from multiple angles, creating an inviting focal point within the room.

Rocal Angle Corner
Rocal Angle in a corner

Corner installations also offer enhanced safety features. By positioning the woodburner in the corner, it can be placed away from high-traffic areas, reducing the risk of accidental contact or burns. Furthermore, the minimal spacing behind the stove in a corner placement minimises the risk of furniture or other objects coming into contact with the hot surface, providing an added layer of safety and peace of mind.

Revolutionary Rotating Feature:

But that’s not all – the Rocal Angle takes the concept of wall-mounted stoves to a whole new level by introducing a rotating bracket. This innovative feature allows you to adjust the fire’s direction, angling it to face either left or right. While other Scandinavian stove manufacturers have experimented with similar principles in the past, Rocal has once again raised the bar. For the Angle, they have developed an exclusive and one-of-a-kind remote-controlled rotation bracket, setting it apart from the competition.

Rocal Angle Flat
Rocal Angle: With Rotating Kit
Rocal Angle Rotating
Rocal Angle: Remote Control Operated Rotation
Gone are the days of manually adjusting your stove’s position. With the Rocal Angle’s remote control, you can effortlessly move the fire without leaving the comfort of your sofa. The simple two-button control system allows you to tap the desired direction, initiating the automatic rotation of the fire. Once it faces the desired direction, a simple tap on the button again locks it into place. The convenience and ease of use make the Rocal Angle a truly exceptional addition to any home.

Rocal Angle Specifications

The Rocal Angle wood stove boasts an impressive 7kW output, ensuring ample heat for your space. With its exceptional technical specifications, this stove is a true powerhouse that can elevate the ambience and comfort of any room it graces.
Rocal Angle Rotating Wood Stove
Rocal Angle With Rotation
Rocal Angle Wood Stove
Rocal Angle Wall Mounted
rocal angle wood stove
Rocal Angle With Optional Pedestal

Exceptional Design, Inside and Out:

Rocal’s dedication to excellence doesn’t stop at functionality. Even with the rotation arm fitted, the Rocal Angle remains versatile. It can still be connected to an external air supply from the back, channelling air from outside through the wall bracket and underneath the fire, directly into the air inlet. This integration of innovation and design exemplifies the Rocal Angle’s commitment to meeting the highest standards of both performance and aesthetics.


The Angle can also be fitted with an optional pedestal foot allowing it to be installed as a freestanding stove, either in a corner ort against a wall. a 2m length of flue pipe is also included with all versions of the Angle for enhanced aesthetics from the stove to the ceiling. 

The Rocal Angle wood stove is a game-changer, revolutionising the concept of wall-mounted fires with its corner-fit design and flat wall remote control rotating kit. With its seamless integration, exceptional functionality, and stunning aesthetics, it brings a new level of convenience and style to any living space. Experience the future of wood stoves with the Rocal Angle and redefine the way you enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fire in your home.
For pricing, technical specifications including dimensions and how-to buy visit our product page for the Rocal Angle Wood Stove.

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