D10: Maximum Visual Appeal

The Rocal D10 sets itself apart from all other stoves available today, offering a truly exceptional experience. With Rocal’s cutting-edge combustion technology, the D10 has pretty much the maximum glass window possible on a modern woodburning stove, ensuring that no matter where you are in the room, the mesmerising dancing flames inside the stove captivate you.
Unlike other visually appealing products from various manufacturers, the Rocal D10 is built on a strong foundation of performance as a wood-burning stove. This means that it not only looks stunning but also delivers impeccable burning efficiency. The D10 is far more than just a pretty face; it consistently provides clean and efficient heat, making it a reliable choice.
rocal d10 wood stove detail min
Rocal D10 with its doors open
Given that the D10 is predominantly made of glass, its airwash system, responsible for keeping the glass clean, needs to perform flawlessly time and time again. Thanks to its preheated airwash system, the D10 excels in this regard, ensuring that the glass remains crystal clear while burning clean, dry wood providing maximum visual appeal.
Rocal D10 Wood Stove
As expected, the Rocal D10 incorporates primary, secondary, and tertiary air intakes, all drawn from a single air source, which allows for easy connection to a direct external air supply. This feature is particularly beneficial if you plan to install this wood burner in a modern home and prefer not to require an airbrick.

Rocal D10 Specifications

True to excellent design principles, all the controls are discreetly hidden from sight, allowing you to fully appreciate the stove’s beauty without distractions. Unlike traditional stoves with front-facing doors, the D10 features two doors positioned on either side. This innovative design choice provides greater flexibility and enables a significantly larger front window, eliminating the need for handles or opening mechanisms. Moreover, as a side-loading stove, it accommodates longer logs with ease, allowing for a roaring fire and providing a nominal output of 11.3kW. While the front window does fold down for cleaning, this feature is primarily intended for servicing the fire and flue rather than everyday use.

For added convenience and aesthetic appeal, Rocal includes a 1.6m flue cover with the D10. This sleek boxing envelops your flue pipe, seamlessly extending the stove’s elegant lines from the base of the fire to the ceiling. If needed, Rocal can customize the ducting to specific lengths and provide an adaptable crest for use with twinwall flue pipes, ensuring full compliance with UK building regulations.
rocal d10 floating wood stove
Rocal D10 Wall Mounted
rocal d10 wood stove
Rocal D10 With Optional Pedestal
By default, the D10 is designed for wall mounting and comes with a bracket for secure attachment to a non-combustible wall. However, an optional pedestal foot is available, which liberates the fire from the wall, transforming it into a freestanding stove that becomes a captivating centrepiece in any room.
To summarise, the Rocal D10 is a visually spectacular fire that can be loaded from either side, maximizing its visual impact while occupying minimal space—whether fitted on the wall or as a freestanding stove. Consider the Rocal D10 to bring that extra touch of sparkle and finesse to your home. Experience the maximum visual appeal with the Rocal D10 woodburning stove.
For pricing, technical specifications including dimensions and how-to buy visit our product page for the Rocal D10 Wood Stove.
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