Black Diamond: The Art of Heat

Functional Art for Modern Homes:

When it comes to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in our homes, the choice of a heating appliance plays a crucial role. Among the myriad options available, the Wanders Black Diamond woodburning stove stands out as a true masterpiece in both design and functionality. Combining the artistry of its elegant design with the warmth it provides, the Black Diamond stove redefines the concept of home heating.

Evolution not Revolution:

The Black Diamond stove represents the second iteration of its design, building upon the success of its predecessor, the “Diamond.” While the original Diamond stove captivated homeowners with its contemporary charm, the Black Diamond takes it a step further with a more refined aesthetic. The introduction of black-edged glass imparts a touch of sophistication, complementing the stove’s sleek contours. The shift from a grey finish to a sleek matte black finish adds a sense of understated elegance to the overall design. Completing the look, the addition of an elegant black glass top plate enhances the stove’s visual appeal, creating a cohesive and striking focal point in any room.
wanders diamond wood burning stove
Wanders Original Diamond Stove
Black Diamond with cover
Wanders Black Diamond

Aesthetics that Transcend Time:

The Black Diamond stove is a sight to behold. Its sleek lines, refined contours, and captivating presence make it a statement piece in any room. The stove’s contemporary design effortlessly blends with various interior styles, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Black Diamond stove showcases the beauty of simplicity, making it an aesthetic centrepiece in any living space.

Wanders Black Diamond Specifications

Unveiling the Power Within:

Don’t let its captivating exterior fool you into thinking that the Black Diamond, is just a pretty face. The stove is designed to provide 8kW’s of heat and its advanced combustion technology ensures optimal burning, resulting in a net 78% efficiency and while its true 78% is not as high as some other stoves, considering the output of this stove and the amount of glass, this is still an exceptional effort and a testament to the stove designers back at Wanders in The Netherlands.
black diamond 6 1
Wanders Black Diamond Stove with optional external air kit

Innovative Engineering:

Beyond its stunning appearance, the Black Diamond stove incorporates innovative engineering to maximize heating efficiency. For example there are two doors for loading the wood, each of which are located on the side of the stove. This clever design minimises smoke escaping from the firebox when you open the door to reload the stove. It also allows for longer logs to be placed into the fire and gives you a choice of which door to use depending on your room configuration.

Cosy Ambiance and Inviting Warmth:

One of the most enchanting aspects of the Black Diamond stove is the cosy ambiance it creates. As the flames dance within the stove’s glass front, they cast a mesmerizing glow, instantly transforming the atmosphere into one of comfort and tranquillity. The radiant heat emitted by the stove envelops the room, offering a soothing warmth that is unparalleled. Whether it’s a chilly winter evening or a crisp autumn night, the Black Diamond stove turns any space into a haven of snugness and relaxation.

Versatile Design for Flexibility:

As standard the Black Diamond is a wall mounted fire, meaning it will attach directly onto a non-combustible solid wall giving it a floating aesthetic. If the wall is not strong enough to hold the 125KG weight of the stove, then it is possible to buy a pedestal foot for the fire. This optional base mirrors the angular design of the stove and allows the stove to be installed as a freestanding fire instead. In addition to this you can also purchase an optional casing to fit around the flue pipe to continue the angular lines of the Black Diamond up to the ceiling, concealing the round flue pipe and providing a more complete look for your room.
Black Diamond with foot 1
Black Diamond with Optional Foot
Black Diamond with foot and cover 1
Black Diamond with Optional Foot & Cover

Redefining Aesthetics in Woodburning Stoves:

The Wanders Black Diamond woodburning stove transcends the conventional notion of home heating, offering an exquisite blend of artistry, functionality, and efficiency. Its captivating design elevates any living space, while its innovative engineering ensures maximum heat output with minimal fuel consumption. As you bask in the cozy ambiance and inviting warmth of the Black Diamond stove, you’ll discover that it’s more than just a heating appliance—it’s a work of art that transforms your home into a haven of comfort and style.

Investing in the Black Diamond stove is not only a practical choice but also a statement of appreciation for the beauty of craftsmanship. By harnessing the power of wood as a renewable energy source, promoting sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. Experience the art of heat with the Black Diamond stove and embark on a journey of warmth and aesthetic delight in your home.

Black Diamond Cut Out Top 1
Black Diamond - Black Glass Top Plate

For pricing, technical specifications including dimensions and how-to buy visit our product page for the Wanders Black Diamond Wood Burning Stove.

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