Rocal D8 Wood Stove

Rocal D8 Wall Wood Stove

Drawing inspiration from the circular D7 model in the range, the Rocal D8 extends the firebox to create a landscape fire that can burn a 45cm log with ease.

Putting the flame picture to one side for the minute (we will come back to that later) the door on the D8 is something else. It is hinged at base of the stove, opening downwards, so that you have access to the full length of the firebox without having a heavy hinged door that requires an enormous hearth to comply with UK building regulations. Instead the slim vertical profile has a pull down door that takes up minimal space and uses heavy duty springs to counterweight the door and prevent it from falling open.

The D8 like most Rocal stoves incorporates primary air regulation for burning, secondary air for airwash (to help keep the glass clean), and tertiary air for the cleanburn system, ensuring a clean and efficient burn every time. The tertiary air allows a trickle of safety air into the stove at all time, which helps prevent the build-up of firebox gasses when the stove is shutdown. All air supplies are brought in via an external air feed which can be brought in either from the rear of the stove or from underneath. The controls are discreetly hidden at the back of the stove so as not to spoil the overall athletics of the design.

Rocal D8 – Beyond the Curve

There are many landscape fires and stoves available on the market today, but very few of them have a glass door quite like the D8. Rather than the boxy shape of most rectangular landscape stoves, the D8 has semi-circular ends to meet the rounded side sections of the stove. Such circular shapes represent challenges when it comes to optimum fire design, so Rocal extend the base firebricks up the sides of the stove to create an even larger burning surface.

As standard the Rocal D8 is supplied with a 1.7m length of flue pipe. This pipe attaches directly to the top of the stove, for a seamless straight line up from the stove. Depending upon your room type, size and style, this pipe can be increased or decreased and can adapt into twinwall flue pipes when being installed close to combustible materials.

Rocal D8 Wall Wood Stove Cutout
Rocal D8 Wall Mounted

Installations options, like most Rocal stoves, the D8 comes as standard as a wall mounted wood stove. The incorporated wall bracket comes with a small amount of adjustment to allow for not flat walls, and to get around obstructions at the ceiling. You also have an optional pedestal foot available with the D8 to free the stove from the wall and provide many more installation opportunities for customers wishing to have a freestanding wood stove. The circular pedestal base has been designed to sit exactly underneath the length of flue pipe, so it looks like one continuous line running right through the stove to the floor. Furthermore, with the pedestal foot you can fully utilise the base external air supply, allowing you to bring fresh air into the stove from the floor.

Technical details:

  • A+ Energy Rating
  • 11.3kW Nominal Output
  • 7.5-13kW Output Range
  • 87% Efficiency
  • 45cm Log Length


  • 265cm High (bespoke heights available)
  • 103cm Wide
  • 42cm Deep
  • 20cm Flue Diameter

You can find more information here on the Rocal D8 Wood Stove

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