Rocal D10

Rocal D10 Wood Burning Stove

The Rocal D10 is unlike any other stove available today. Thanks to the enhanced combustion technology Rocal use, the D10 has the largest glass window to stove ratio than any other stove. This means that no matter where you are in the room, you will be enchanted by the dancing flames inside the stove.

Unlike beautiful products from other manufactures, the Rocal D10 is built on a robust pedigree of performance wood burning stoves. This means that stove burns as well as it looks. So, the D10 is much more than just a pretty face, it delivers clean and efficient heat every time.

As you might expect from a stove made mostly from glass, the airwash system to keep the glass clean needs to preform time and time again. With its preheated airwash system, the D10 delivers on this ensuring the glass is always clean when burning clean dry wood.

Rocal D10 Wood Stove with Doors Open
Rocal D10 Wood Stove with Doors Open

As with all good designs all the controls are hidden out of sight, leaving you to focus on the beauty and not the function. Unlike traditional stoves where the front is where the door is, the D10 has two doors, one located on either side. By moving the doors from the front to the side, gives greater control when it comes to the design, allowing for a much larger front window without the need for handles or opening mechanisms. As it’s a side loading stove, you can also fit longer logs into the fire easily, so there is no reason not to have a roaring fire. The front window does fold down should you need to clean it, but this is more for servicing the fire and flue than it is for everyday use.

As you might expect the Rocal D10 has primary, secondary and tertiary air all of which is pulled from a single air source, allowing you to connect this stove up to a direct external air supply. Perfect if you are looking to put this woodburner into a modern home and would rather not need an airbrick.

Rocal include a length of 1.6m flue cover, this boxing sits around your flue pipe and continues the sleek lines of the D10 from the base of the fire all the way to the ceiling. Rocal can customise this ducting to special lengths if required and make an adaption crest for use with twinwall flue pipe, ensuring that it is fully compliant with UK building regulations.

Wall mounted as standard the D10 has a bracket allowing it to be attached directly to a non-combustible wall with some adjustment is required. There is also an optional pedestal foot available for the D10 which liberates the fire from the wall and brings it more into the room as a freestanding stove.

Rocal D10 Wood Stove
Rocal D10 Wood Stove

In summary then the D10 is a visually spectacular fire that can be loaded from either side, offering maximum visual impact while taking up minimal room space, be that fitted on the wall or a freestanding stove. So, consider the Rocal D10 for your home, to give it that extra little bit of sparkle and finesse.

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