Rocal Drop

Rocal Drop Wood Stove

Rocal Drop – The prettiest fire ever made?

Is this the prettiest fire you have ever seen? We think so, and so do thousands of customers worldwide as the Rocal Drop is the number 1 worldwide bestselling model. It is easy to see why it is so popular with its teardrop shape the fire appears to cascade down from the ceiling. The sloped circular door adds and extra dimension to the fire bringing the flames off the wall and into your home. And while all of this is happening it is encased in a unique curvaceous body that emphasises the overall design further.

Its beauty is not skin deep though, beneath the beautiful facade is an extremely well engineered fire that is just as inspiring as the finished product. Talking of well engineered the Rocal Drop actually uses a square flue pipe, unlike conventional stoves that use a round pipe. This was a conscious design choice by Rocal to keep the lines of the Drop flowing straight down before they encase the fire in its unique teardrop form.

Like many of the Rocal range the Drop has been designed with your home in mind. The total height is not fixed and can be increased or decreased accordingly to suit your room height. Likewise as this is a wall mounted model it can be placed at any height off the floor. Typically we show it 30cm off the floor bit this to can be adjusted to suit your requirements. The Rocal Drop includes an adjustable rear wall mount, allowing it to be directly attached to a non-combustible wall.

The Rocal Drop is also available with an optional base stand meaning that it can be installed as a freestanding stove should your wall not be suitable. With this optional pedestal base the Drop is completely self supporting meaning that it can be placed anywhere in a room and with the already fitted heat shields to both the fire and square pipe it can be as close as 20cm to combustible walls.

Technical details:

  • A+ Energy Rating
  • 9.4kW Nominal Output
  • 6-11kW Output Range
  • 82% Efficiency
  • 33cm Log Length


  • 270cm High (bespoke heights available)
  • 65cm Wide
  • 47cm Deep
  • 18cm Flue Diameter


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