Rocal Angle

Rocal Angle Wood Stove

Rocal is known for their innovative fire designs, with some of the most beautiful wall mounted, central and suspended fires money can buy. 2018 saw the introduction of another wall mounted fire with a twist. Unlike conventional wall mounted fires and stoves that have to be placed against a flat wall the Rocal Angle can also be placed directly into a corner. Thanks to its shape and design, the Rocal Angle wood stove is shaped to fit into a corner with minimal spacing behind the stove meaning less protrusion into the room and maximum flame views thanks to the large glass window.
But wait, remember when we said that this was a wall mounted stove with a twist, well we meant twist literally…

That’s right the Rocal Angle is available with a rotating bracket allowing the fire to be angeled to face the left or the right, this is a first for Rocal who up until now have never produced a rotating wall mounted model, but it’s not new to the stove industry. A few other Scandinavian stove manufactures have tested similar principals before, however as always Rocal have raised the bar.

Not content with their original protype, which had a manual rotation lever beneath the firebox which allowed you to loft and angle the fire. No, instead for the Rocal Angle they have created something one of a kind and exclusive to themselves. The Rocal Angle now has a remote controlled rotation bracket allowing you to move your fire automatically without even needing to leave the comfort of your sofa. With its simple, left or right two button control simple tap the direction you would like the fire to face and it will begin to Angle left or right. Happy with where it is facing then tap the button again to lock it into it’s current position.

Furthermore, even with the rotation arm fitted you can still connect the stove up to an external air supply from the back that will channel the air from outside, through the wall bracket down and under the fire and into the air inlet beneath all while rotating, innovation meets design excellence in the Rocal Angle.

Technical details:
– 7kW Output

The Rocal Angle is available to buy now as either a fixed flat wall/corner model or with the optional remote controlled rotating wall bracket from your local Rocal stove dealer.

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